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Thedddclub.com  tm

The Devaluation, Demise And Utter Death Of The U.S. Dollar        

                                  There is No Virtue In Virtual Money tm

  The Federal Reserve Buck Stops Here, Danger Cashless Society Ahead  tm  CLICK HERE     R.I.P. 1913  -  2017

The Coming Economic Collapse And 25 Year Great Depression To Follow and the

Ramifications To The People Of Both The United States And The Globe Has Made The Formation Of This Club A Necessity. The United States Dollar Is Soon To Become ExtinctDo You Know What Replaces it? What you will do? Are You Prepared?

It is apparent to this publisher that the United States Government isn't letting on to the public all that it knows in regard to the coming Tsunami of an Economic Collapse and Crash of the United States Dollar. We the people are pawns in a Global game of Chicken, and The United States Dollar is coming home to Roost like a Rotten Egg.

This Club has Been Created To Help Guide You Through This Pending Transitional Period Of Upheaval and Uncertaninty, And Give Pertinent And Timely Information For Our Members, To Both Survive And Thrive.

Please Consider Joining Our Club And Educate Yourself On What You Can Expect In Both The Near Term, And In Years To Follow. We Here At ThedddClub.com Look Forward Welcoming You As A Member.

                                            Respectfully,   Joe M.





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  How You Can Join A Really  Great "E-Informational & Educational Club" For $ 36.00 A Year,That's Right ( $ 3.00 Per Month

                   This Club Will Expose the "SHOCKING  IMPLICATIONS  Of  A Universal, Digitally Embedded Chip Survielled,

                  World Wide Cashless Society To Follow."  This Event Will Threaten Your Very, Freedoms, Liberties, Security, And Life's

                  Savings, Which Will All Be In Peril. ThedddClub.com is your Life Boat on the U.S. Economic Ship Titanic Collapse,

                  Which is about to hit the  Mother of all Ice Berg's in a Sea of  Economic Calamity, and Ocean of Hyperinflation & Despair.  


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Welcome To The 21st Century Video Messages ( Below ) From The Company Founder And President Of ThedddClub.com  Joe M. I am taking This Opportunity To Share An Urgent Message With All Prospective Club Members. This Chilling Warning I Am Trumpeting To All Is The Following As Stated.       


The Forthcoming Crash, And  Devaluation, Demise, And Ultimate Death Of The United States Dollar Is At Hand. Please Take a Little Of Your Time And Watch The Videos Below As I Will Take You On a Journey Into The New Universal Digital Cashless Society Of Today And Beyond, (Click Here). Please Consider Joining The Most Unique, Informative, And Valuable Club You Will Ever Have The Opportunity To Be A Part Of. Learn The Steps You Can Take To Protect You And Your Family's Wealth And Well Being, During The Turbulent Times Ahead.  The Death Of The Dollar Will Signal The Arrival of The All Seeing Mark Of The Beast, To Be Implemented In The Form Of A  Governmental World Wide Digital Currency !  You Must Take Steps To Prepare Now. This Event Will Soon Arrive, ( Click Here ) And Turn Us All Into Debt Slaves Under Constant Embedded Micro-Chipped Surveillance, Imprisoned WithinThe New World Order! ( Click Here ). 

* Heed  Joe's Insight And Warning As Time Is Growing Short, The Time To Act Is Now!You Must Click This Link Now And See For Your Self As The Numerals Never Stop Ticking. This ( Virtual Ticking Debt Bomb ) Illustrates How We Have Already Started Down The Road Of Creating Tomorrows Debt Slaves, Our Youth.  " Before We Truly Are Without The Proverbial Paddle Up The Proverbial  Creek ", Please Consider Joining ThedddClub.com Today !  * ( Also Remember About Our Limited Lifetime Founders Membership Offer )


 You Want The Truth, You Can't Handle The Truth

November, 2014

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   Thedddclub.com what you get for your Annual Club Dues

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Thedddclub.com Marketing Plan

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The Imminent Devaluation,

Demise, Death Of The Dollar

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* There are many ways of obtaining Membership Growth when you are Starting a Club. One big  advantage of Multi-level-Marketing  over traditional marketing methods is that it does not require a lot of Initial expenditure up front, from our would be members. As for ThedddClubs part, rather than having to spend huge sums of money on television, radio, newspaper, or magazine  advertising, posting flyers, conducting telephone campaigns, and additionally having to hire sales force to grow the club, we will use word of mouth.  In order to keep the cost of  joining the club low, we have chosen the M-L-M Sales Method to spread the word nationally at first, then later internationally. What better way than

offering our membership an opportunity to earn the money that would have been otherwise been spent on building a fantastic club in a non M-L-M manner. Now the members who choose to become independent marketers of the club and help it grow, will own their own home based E-Business, and have an opportunity to earn commissions for sharing this fabulous club with others! To all of us here at thedddclub.com, this is a  Win / Win  proposition for our members.  Many successful entrepreneurs such as Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and economist Paul Zane endorse M-L-M  because it works.  ( Click  Here ).

* Further more many well known companies have either started out, or at a later time adopted M-L-M as a way to increase sales and growth. Examples of some of these

 more well known M-L-M Companies are, Amway, Avon, Melaleuca, Usana, Mary Kay, Nu Skin . ( CLick Here )  We Here at Thedddclub.com all strongly believe in M-L-M,

and  this is why we have chosen it as the way to Grow, it is a proven method as referenced by the companies above. This offer retails at $ 74.95, but is presented for

$ 3.00 per month, $ 36.00 annually a 50 % savings  for our Club Members. We at Thedddclub.com cannot and will not be beat, where can you get a better value for your money !

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Respectfully,   Joe M.

Will You Be Carrying The Mark Of The Beast In Your Wallet  666

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