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                           Why The 2020Vision.Club Has Chosen M-L-M  To Grow Our Club


* There are many ways of obtaining Membership Growth when you are Starting a Club. One big  advantage of Multi-level-Marketing  over traditional marketing methods is that it does not require a lot of Initial expenditure up front, from our would be members. As for The 2020Vision.Clubs part, rather than having to spend huge sums of money on television, radio, newspaper, or magazine  advertising, posting flyers, conducting telephone campaigns, and additionally having to hire sales force to grow the club, we will use word of mouth.  In order to keep the cost of  joining the club low, we have chosen the M-L-M Sales Method to spread the word nationally at first, then later internationally. What better way

than offering our membership an opportunity to earn the money that would have been otherwise been spent on building a fantastic club in a non M-L-M manner. Now the members who choose to become independent marketers of the club and help it grow, will own their own home based E-Business, and have an opportunity to earn commissions for sharing this fabulous club with others! To all of us here at the  2020Vision.Club, this is a  Win / Win  proposition for our members.  Many successful entrepreneurs such as Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and economist Paul Zane endorse M-L-M  because it works.  ( Click  Here ).

* Further more many well known companies have either started out, or at a later time adopted M-L-M as a way to increase sales and growth. Examples of some of these

 more well known M-L-M Companies are, Amway, Avon, Melaleuca, Usana, Mary Kay, Nu Skin . ( CLick Here )  We Here at The 2020Vision.Club all strongly believe in M-L-M,

and  this is why we have chosen it as the way to Grow, it is a proven method as referenced by the companies above. This offer retails at $ 74.95, but is presented for

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It Seems As though Money Is So Difficult For Some To Obtain While For Others It Seems So Easy.

Wouldn't It Be Wonderful If We All Had That Unique Vision, That 2020 Vision To Just Watch As Money Came To Us As Easily As  It Appears It The Caricature To The Left. Do You Sometimes Wish You Could Be The Guy or Gal Where Money Just Drops Into Your Lap, Other People Seem To Have That Luck, Don't They?

Learn The Reasons Why Some People Seem To Do So Well, While For Others It May Seem So Difficult. The 2020Vision.Club Is Going to Educate You On The Subject Of Money Through Our Monthly E-Newsletter,  And Our Free Gift Of The E-Book The Money Spiders, By Author J.P. McCarthy.  We Invite You To Join The A Club That Will Be Essential For Your Understanding Of Money In The World Today, And For Years To Come, So Catch The Vision Today!                          

                                                                 Respectfully,     Joe M.